Join Bets in the art classes presented on the Dolphin Coast in Kwa-Zulu Natal and unlock your own creativity.  Be inspired by sea, sun and sand.

Find your inner voice by creating gems in pencil, charcoal, pastel, paint and mixed media.


Introduction to art
Basic drawing classes
Teaching pencil control & line drawings
Teaching shading techniques
Introducing line, light and shadow to recognize form

To see some works of some of the students please visit the Facebook group: Art Group in Ballito

Training the eye to really see is what art is all about

I love teaching art techniques; the look on their faces when they realize that they have accomplished something they have never done before is priceless.

Some of the comments by attendees:

Gerda McDonald:

Thanks to you for making it possible to rediscover the childhood pleasure of drawing.

Thanks too for all the help I am seeing things that before were simply unnoticed.

Linda Retief

Art has taught me to look at clouds and water; to understand that things arent always as they seem and to look at the detail first. (patience)

I have learnt that just when you think you have finished something, there is always a bit more to do. (perseverance)

I look at other peoples art in quite a different way than before. Although I always thought Van Gogh was fantastic and the old masters were great, only now do I realise just how great and fantastic. (humility)

I think I am more confident in myself than before and less worried about other peoples opinions because ons is maar net almal mense! (confidence)

and art classes are a time when you forget all your troubles and skete.

Om op te som: DIS BAIE LEKKER!

Magic clouds
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