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Smithfield Tuesday 10 February 2009
I never thought of myself as an artist and as long as I can remember haven been convinced that I could not draw or paint, until I met Bets de Bruyn.

With simple words and techniques het lessons have cracked the inhibitions preventing me from holding a pencil or brush.

Starting with simple exercises (as drawing lines and curves) which the goals were always explained clearly, the lessons moved progressively to capture form & perspective through an array of mediums (pencil, crayons, pastels, charcoal, acrylic & oil paint)

She has developed my ability to interpret what I see rather than merely copying it, which is the very core of artistic expression, whatever medium is used.

Her passion for art and her undeniable gift for sharing it have opened doors I didnt know existed. The sky is no longer the limit, its only the beginning.
Fabrice Rebouillat

02 February 2009
Re: Drawing & Art Classes: Bets de Bruyn
  • Enrolling for these classes was the single most important step I took in re-inventing myself.
  • It was also one of the most difficult, yet most rewarding, things I ever undertook.
  • When I started out I was scared stiff. Everything I was told to do sounded so difficult and I was convinced that I would never ever be able to do what she was asking of me.
  • After the first and second lesson I asked myself what I was actually trying to prove and how exactly did I get myself into this.
  • That white piece of paper staring back at me was the worst. It took my breath away, my mouth became dry and my hands sweaty.
  • Bets saw the hesitation, desperation and fear, but she was not to be deterred she never gave up on me.
  • Slowly but persistently she built up my confidence, by arming me with the skills and knowledge and forcing me to look with different eyes at the world around me.
  • At the start each project I was dumbstruck at the sheer magnitude of the challenge ahead. Similarly I stood speechless after the completion thereof, at the mere fact that I actually did it. To be able to say YES I CAN.
  • It was not easy and many times I had to state afresh but every moment was worthwhile because today I know I can rise to the challenge.
  • Bets thank you for always believing in me and always intriguing me to such a point that I cannot resist the temptation to try.
  • To me you embody the slogan Where love and skill collide expect a masterpiece.
Marinda Pretorius

Bets se metodes bevestig net weer daar is nie iets is soos ek kan nie. Ek het 40 jaar laas iets probeer teken en werklik gedink dat ek nie eers die buitelyne van n blaar sou kon doen nie. Na 6 maande was ek heeltemal trots op my pogings van huise, mense en n skoenlapper. Bets het my sowaar kon leer om dit wat ek sien, en hoe ek dit sien, deur my hand op papier te sit. Die klasse is lekker, die leerders inspireer mekaar, die verskillende media is n uitdaging, en jy verstom jou vir jouself!
Trudie Venter